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"The place to be for all things real nappy related for environmentally conscious new parents."

Why not try our New Born Real Nappy Trial Starter Pack for just £25

Main Real Nappy Package

The New Born To Potty Pack contain x y & z

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Toddler Package

In this package for 12 month to 30 month year olds you get x y & z.

Please find some more info about the Real Nappies and accessories that we offer:

All of these products are very environmentally friendly...

All sizes from New Born to 36 months

Over 50 Colours and designs

Choose from 4 different environmentally friendly materials


“ If you are looking for the right environmentally friendly nappies at the right prices then look no further than Real Nappies Wales. “


Dad of two

“ If you are looking for the right opportunity to rocket shoot your career, it’s here that you should be! They have loads of opportunities for candidates and promise deserving employees for companies. “


First time mum of a lovely little girl x

"Start saving the planet today with the New Born Starter Pack"

All new customers can get £25 off with a Gift Voucher from the Welsh Assembly.

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