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About Real Nappies Wales

Real Nappies Wales is run by two fathers of 3, who want to help the environment and leave a legacy for their six children.  The business was initially started by one of the Partners, Mark, in the 1990's, in Cheshire, North West England when the Welshman who had relocated to Cheshire after getting married was looking for a more environmentally friendly nappy to use with his first child.

After seeing how limited the market was back then for Real Nappies, Mark and his Wife formed "Peachy Cheeks" and a Real Nappy Business was born.

After successfully operating both an online business and a retail shop in Cheshire Mark decide to take a break from the Nappy Business to pursue other ventures.

Then after a return to his Welsh home land in 2017 to take up a partnership role with Mike Armstrong at Welsh Digital Marketing Agency MA Consultancy and their WelshBiz marketing brand the two partners decided to re-visit the real nappy world and the Real Nappies Wales business was then formed.

The aim of the new Real Nappies Wales business is to provide the best environmentally friendly real nappy and accessories products to new environmentally conscious parents from all around Wales and throughout the UK and beyond.

They hope to build a business large enough to help continue the fight against needless waste products and large enough to be able to offer employment to any of the six children that would want to join the business and continue the legacy.

For more about the business or the products please see our about section.

Online Real Nappy Shop

We have lots of Real Nappy Products and Accessories available to purchase online via the Real Nappies Wales Online Real Nappy Shop. Should you not be able to find what you want or you have any questions, please feel free to call a member of the Real Nappies Wales on: 07571 024979 and we can discuss your query  further.

Real Nappies Wales Logo Final Small With Welsh Eyes

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